Wednesday, November 26, 2014

children of the ADD nation

Fluorescent ceilings 
Chalk white walls 
We are information vacuums;
Forced to conform 

100 dollar concealers
On sleep starved eyes 
Cotton candy blushes;
Bringing faces back to life

Depending on caffeine;
Our liquid methamphetamine 
And five minute escapes
Through nicotine daydreams

Super saver lunches; 
Acid-rain stained cars 
Book weights on our wrist
As we exhale tar   

Concrete alarm clocks;
Fists full of hair 
Withering under midnight deadlines 
And overpriced parking fares 

Aging parents 
Heating-pad wrapped knees 
Raising grade point averages 
So they'll retire relieved 

We are your sisters 
Your daughters, your friends 
With Ritalin-laced bloodstreams 
Fighting for our futures, with no end

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